Gung hay fat choy! Loosely translated as "wishing you great happiness and prosperity," these customary words will be spoken by revelers around the globe as the Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, kicks off January 31st. China's bustling city streets will come to a halt as an estimated 3.6 billion passenger trips will be made to reunite with family, honor ancestors and deities and usher in good fortune for the Year of the Wood Horse. For those who need a little brushing up on their Chinese Astrology, the sixty year cycle rotates between the twelve animals. Each animal has its year five times during the cycle and is matched with one of the Five Elements each time (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). While wood is associated with warmth and generosity, the horse is a symbol of energy, leadership and a free spirit. Drawing inspiration from such, our favorite designers have honored these qualities with their latest collections, so what better way to welcome a year of prosperity than enjoying a few Lunar New Year luxuries!

Celebrating the Year of the Horse watch
Chopard L.U.C XP
Urushi Year of the
Horse watch

You can ring in the New Year on time with the Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Horse watch, specially designed for this year's celebration. Depicting a prancing Horse, the 18-carat rose gold timepiece is decorated with lotus flowers, meant to symbolize personal fulfillment in the coming year. A regal work of art utilizing the highest degree of Swiss watchmaking, the exceptional wristwatch is a must-have for a prosperous 2014

Longchamp's Le Pliage bag
Le Pliage bag

Longchamp's iconic Le Pliage bag received the Lunar New Year treatment with the release of a limited-edition handbag celebrating the Year of the Horse. Available in red, a symbol of a bright and happy future, the bag is adorned with the Longchamp Horse on the outside, which has been the house's emblem since it was founded, and the Chinese sign of the Horse on the inside. Ensure your year gets off to a galloping start with this festive collector's item.

Tiffany's Chinese Zodiac Horse Charm
Tiffany's Chinese
Zodiac Horse Charm

Designed by none other than Paloma Picasso, the Tiffany's Chinese Zodiac Horse Charm is the perfect gift for newborns this year. Those born during the Year of the Horse tend to be gifted communicators who enjoy being in the limelight, which they certainly will be wearing this 18-carat charm with round, brilliant diamonds.

Burberry's Equestrian Knight Cufflinks
Burberry Equestrian
Knight Cufflinks

Celebrating with an entire Lunar New Year Gift Collection, Burberry's Equestrian Knight Cufflinks are the ultimate symbol of prosperity for the Year of the Horse. The distinctive design, crafted from light gold, draws on Burberry's proud heritage while paying tribute to the Horse, for the ultimate combination of time-honored tradition and modern luxury

New Julian Two Wrap from DVF
New Julian Two
Wrap from DVF

The Limited Edition New Julian Two Wrap from DVF sports the festive spirit with a lucky horse pattern on the designer's signature dress. Made from 100% silk, the elegant wrap also comes with DVF inspired traditional red envelopes, which married couples give children and single friends money in for good luck, known as lai see.

Ritz Carlton Guangzhou
Ritz Carlton

Greet the Year of the Horse in the lap of luxury with the Ritz Carlton Guangzhou New Year Package. Available until February 13th, the distinguished hotel is taking part in the festivities with an exclusive offering on Deluxe City View rooms, dining and spa services. With panoramic views of the sparkling Pearl River and the most elegant of accommodations, there's no better place to start the year in style.

Of course, health and happiness trumps all, but a little Lunar New Year luxury just might be the best way to usher in a year of good fortune!